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took long enough =P.

Feb. 12th, 2009 | 11:58 am


remember years ago (i mean YEEAAARRS ago) i said i was going to do an intensive motorbike learning course and take my unrestricted test, so i could ride any bike i wanted?

well guess what i passed yesterday!

muahaha. that's right. achtung babies. ben can legally ride any bike of any size.

hopefully, i'll be picking up one of these in the next few weeks:



also, i handed in my dissertation.

i'm having a good week.

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 | 03:43 pm

so in a bid to regain some of my sanity, and distract myself from my dissertation, i had a virtual clean up.

and i removed megatokyo from my bookmarks bar.

this is a pretty momentous occasion. i've been reading MT since close to the beginning...... but lately i'm just not interested in it. there's better stuff out there, and i think i've changed enough as a person to want a different kind of entertainment from a webcomic. or at least some better art, or more coherent storytelling.... or maybe some drama that i can relate to.

i just think it was time.

now... back to the diss!

love to all y'alls

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funniest merchandise ever?

Jan. 7th, 2009 | 12:25 pm

obama pajamas.

obama jamas?


yes you heard me right.


this just cracks me up =P.

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Dec. 18th, 2008 | 06:11 pm

here's an update for your faces.

ben's got the ILL. so don't be hanging around with him for the next two-to-three days, if you know what's good for you.

soup is FANTASTIC.

i'm selling my computer to my little brother so he can play SupCom and other things which require a processor, rather than a soggy cream cracker. this means no more games for ben until he can get a new shiny desktop with a 24" screen. hoo-rah.

that won't be for a while, yet.

i got a haircut.
i also shaved my beard off.
i no longer look like a hobo!

the new Star Trek online game looks absolutely fantastic. when i've got a PC, it's going to be an essential purchase.

oh, did i mention i'm ill? yep. ill as an ill thing.

it's nowt good, chappies. nowt good at awll.

RC says hi to you all.

i'm gonna go and waste some time watching youtube videos and feeling sorry for myself =P.


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end of term

Dec. 12th, 2008 | 06:45 pm

so i'm now officially on holiday for 4 weeks.

i'm going to be working for moneyz for pretty much all of it, to pay for my new vehicle.

i've also got to fit doing my dissertation into the holiday, and doing some weaving and felt making.


and i'm tired. so very tired. haven't had a good night's sleep in more than two weeks now, maybe more than three. tonight's going to be the beginning of a (hopefully) continued acceptable amount of sleep.

[the rest of this post is about a bike vs. car argument i've been having with myself... ignore at your leisure].

had a visit from Jojo and Bob the other day (my mum's parents for those who didn't know)..... Jojo really really isn't keen on me getting a motorbike. *really*. which is a shame. i mean, fair enough, motorbikes are dangerous compared to cars, and i would expect a degree of worry from relatives, but yeah.
anyway, because i'm a bit like that, i've taken it to heart somewhat, and have been re-evaluating my need for a motorbike vs. a car.... the problem being i'm sick of driving a slow car (not that i didn't like the car itself, i love my micra...... it's just painfully slow), and i really want to ride a bike.
so, bearing in mind i'm still probably going to end up with a bike, i've been "half-looking" at how cheaply i could possibly get a small-but-brisk car, and i've come up with three potentials:

- Renault clio sport 172 (2001 model)
- Volkswagon golf V6 4Motion (2000 - 2001 models)
- Volkswagon polo GTI 1.6 (2002 or later)

all of which can be bought for £3k second hand, or very close, or under.
Insurance would be a rather icky £800 or so, as an average for all three... the golf being more and the polo being less. maybe even less overall if i can get my mum on the policy or something.

obviously, out of the three, the 4Motion golf is the best car by a considerable amount..... but also the hardest to find at a good price, and with low mileage. the size and type of the engine (a 2.8L V6) promotes heavy touring style driving, so people rack up thousands of motorway miles on these things.

anyway! it's all just empty contemplation really, because the money i could potentially spend on a car has been saved away for a PhD, and although Jojo and Bob really don't want me to get a bike, i don't think they'd go so far as to let me spend some of my PhD money on a car instead.

and before someone asks why i don't just get an £800 banger..... i seriously can't afford the consistent upkeep costs and time on most old cars, especially ones who's history i have no idea about. my micra was different because the family had owned it from new. spending a bit more for a newer and almost certainly more reliable car seems like a better bet, in the long run..... especially considering the fact i'd be plumping for an old hatchback or similar.

on the other foot, a '96 bike in good to excellent condition (of the model i'm looking at getting) costs between £850 and £1250.... so i could expect to have good reliability and performance for my money. and the insurance would be £100 tops (even for a 500cc bike).

so when all's said and done, the bike makes more financial sense, but tends to lose out in terms of practicality and warmth. i would enjoy it more, but i would make my grandparents worry. it's a toss-up. i want a bike a lot. but a fast car? i just don't know.

whatever happens, i think i'll still go with my plan and get a bike over the chrstmas holidays, if purely for the riding experience, and then if it doesn't necessarily work out, i can sell it for the same or more than i paid for it (they are quite desirable).

vrum vrum.

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Dec. 5th, 2008 | 11:33 am
location: by myself
music: dirty vegas - candles

hey bra
hey mang
hey dawg
hey bro
hey mofo
hey foo
hey yo
hey doodle
hey fro
hey ho

hey joe.

hmm. i seem to have inadvertently stumbled upon Samuel Beckett.

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ok here's an idea.

Nov. 27th, 2008 | 04:39 pm
location: mah room
music: MGMT - time to pretend

so here's the concept.

i've recently run into two types of song.


absolutely fantastic song. you listen to it and it fills your day with brilliance........ but! after listening to it a few times over a short period of time, you feel much less inclined to listen to it.


not necessarily as good, and don't give you quite as much of a pleasant surge when you stick it on after not hearing it in a while..... but chances are you'll be able to listen to it over and over again.

now, the logical part of my brain says that these two kinds of song shouldn't really be so distinct, and that if you love a song, no amount of listening will tarnish it..... practically though, there's only a few songs that i love enough to merge the two kinds.

so! this leads up to a question. i'd like some of you guys to give me a short list (maybe 4 or 5 songs) which merge the two kinds.... brilliant songs which you absolutely love, but that you could listen to over and over without it losing any of its potency.

and then i'm going to find the songs, and stick them all on a CD or something.

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Nov. 26th, 2008 | 06:19 pm
music: everything ever!

so i've taken a little time recently (over the last two or three days) to download some music which i felt i should have again (stuff i had at home, but not at uni).... and some new stuff.

so without further ado, here's a list of what i've got... it's mostly just single tracks... brownie points go to those people who actually know most or all of the songs in the list (it's not that hard =P):

Cinerama - don't touch that dial
Radiohead - India rubber
Morrissey - Last of the famous international playboys
the Smiths - Ask
Chuck Berry - Never can tell
Elvis Presley - Such a night
Broadcast 2000 - Get up and go
Herman Dune - Going to everglades
MGMT - Time to pretend
Screamin' Jay Hawkins - I put a spell on you (the proper version!)
M.I.A. - Paper planes (remix)
the Sundays - can't be sure
the Wedding present - million miles
Jeff Buckley - dream brother
Emiliana Torrini - Fingertips (i HAD this but lost it?!)
Zero 7 - Crosses (also lost this?)
the Jesus and Mary Chain - entire discography
Kings of Leon - Only by the night

and that's about that!


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the dark empty space.

Nov. 22nd, 2008 | 06:55 pm
location: mah room baybeh.
music: modest mouse - we were dead before the ship even sank.

oh, the windshield was broken but we love the fresh air, you know.
(Isaac Brock, 2007)


ah, i dunno. i don't feel right of late. if i'm honest with myself i think i'm still broken hearted (i know... crazy, right?), and my self confidence isn't all that brilliant, anymore.

and i feel so stuck here, without a car... that's part of the reason i'm pushing so hard to get this motorbike as soon as i can. i want to be able to just go for a ride, cruise through the countryside at night, and pull up to lie down in a field and look at the stars. i'm so craving that right now.

yup. still broken. i need someone to fix me. restore that self confidence.

on the bright side, i've got a lot better at the guitar recently. my playing 'by ear' has improved, i've been picking out small pieces of classical music from memory. very satisfying. also, i learnt to play four of the better songs from Radiohead's most recent album. also satisfying.

i sent off my application pack to the JET Programme yesterday, should have arrived today. very excited to hear back from them, because i had two KILLER references. very chuffed. yes siree. the application package ran to about 100 pages.... so i'm also a little bit worried that in all that HUUGE mess of paper i've made a mistake somewhere that'd void my application. HOWEVER, i'm not worrying too much, i'm more excited than anything.

My degree is going well, although i'm feeling a little intimidated by my dissertation. i'm going to spend nearly all of tomorrow doing writing for it, if i can.... i'll feel a lot better after having done some more work.

my bike test is soon. looking forward to it, because once done, i'll be able to just go and get a bike... pay for it and ride it away! can't wait.

part of the reason why i haven't been feeling great, of late, is a lack of music. about two months ago, the cable for my beautiful headphones went missing, and as a result i haven't been able to listen to anything, unless it was through my enormous speakers (not practical in the studio =P). this has had a knock on effect with my general state of mind, because i honestly cannot live without music.

to make matters more irritating, Sennheiser are refusing to admit that my model of headphones (which are still popular) even existed, because they haven't got any replacement cables. to get a new cable, i'll have to get new headphones...... and that's another £80 down the drain. eBay isn't helpful here, either.

i'll find a solution. i'm considering getting some high-quality bluetooth headphones, and leaving it at that, because they last for years and years. it's an investment in my happiness =P.

oh, also, i've done a pretty good job of not playing computer games for two months. i had a few games on warcraft 3 at the beginning of october, but that was it. craaaazy, huh?
actually, this is rather explainable..... i don't have a PS3 or XBox360 (and my PC is showing its age), so i'm a bit out of the loop, lol. i haven't got anything to play ^_^.

you know, i haven't just relaxed and done nothing except listen to a song i love, for weeks and weeks and weeks..... it's so goddamn good. i needed it SO bad, you have no idea. i'm just gonna lie here and absorb the structures of the music, and fall through layers of sound, and smile to myself.

yup. music is good.

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Nov. 6th, 2008 | 09:14 pm

so my car got broken into today.

my lovely little Micra.


i came home to find my car wasn't where i left it.... and i was surprised to see it about 50 yards down the road, parked on the grass next to the pavement.

someone had pulled, and bent the top half of the driver-side door away from the car, enough to prize the door open somehow.... then once inside, they'd ripped the cowling away from the ignition, and (this is where it gets a bit fuzzy) either broken through the internal steering-lock mechanism by forcing the wheel, or forced the wheel down, damaging the steering-column. (i can't remember whether the wheel has an adjustable height.... if it doesn't, they've forced the whole thing down and damaged the column).

either way the steering's fucked, the ignition works but is missing the plastic from around it... the door is bent out of shape, the driver's side door handle is loose, and the light on the roof, inside the car, was broken off.

it gets worse.... as you may recall, i mentioned in my last post that i was considering not renewing my car insurance, so i'd have an extra £450 to put towards a motorbike...... well, it ran out four days ago, and i didn't renew it. Sod's Fucking Law.

good night!

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